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This is my personal blog.

Currently I am a 24 year old slacker here in the good ole US of A somewhere at the foot of the Appalachian on the North Carolina side.

My interest are cooking, baking, theatre, science, math, Classical British literature, Misha Collins, traveling, films (of all genres), Martin Freeman, music (of all genres), Teen Wolf, television, J2, Gale Harold, Avengers, the colour green, Benedict Cumberbatch, asexuality acceptance, Dark Horse comics, singing in the shower, my fat cat Clarabelle, slash, Marvel Universe. pretty scarfs, Dennis Leary, Gareth David-Lloyd, Tom Hiddleston, Hawaii Five-O, McDanno, Robert Downey Jr, flannel, drinking imports, Daniel Pudi Allison Brie, Sterek, Max Adler, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Hoechlin. Holland Roden, Scott Caan, Alex O'Loughlin.
These are in no way in any order but is a good sample of the many, many things you will find here.

I am a Whovian, Pirate, Kurtsie, Starkid, Merliknight, Winchester, Misha Minion, Disciple of Brian Kinney, Sherlockian, slasher, fan-girl, sci-fi geek, Greendale Human Being.
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This is like Repunzel and Mother Gothel in Tangled.

Okay, Someone needs to make a Mother Knows Best vid to this episode.

I just remembered the episode that her family did die.  OUCH! #DeadMenDon’tWearPlaid 




hold up though how the fuck is a were-coyote going to be the strongest?? a coyote????? my goddamn golden retriever could kick a coyotes ass wtf

My friend’s horse kills coyotes. Probably for fun. 


gallavich meme [3/3]

     ↳ parallels   

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